Note to RUSI Vancouver Island members:

As most are aware, we have suspended our face to face gatherings of RUSI VI due to the general Covid risk and provincial health restrictions. We are continuing with our Newsletter and attempting to increase the frequency of those. We have conducted one speaker’s presentation in October on the Zoom platform and it was very good. The topic was on “The Oka Crisis in Quebec” and we hope to have it and future events posted for member viewing on this web site once we iron out the technical details.

Meetings at the Bay Street Armoury will recommence once the COVID all clear is sounded. Stay safe all.

What is RUSI-VI?

RUSI-VI is one of many Canadian and Commonwealth Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) branches. RUSI-VI is an independent, non-partisan, and non-profit organization. The Duke of Wellington established the British institute in 1831 to provide serving officers, regardless of rank, a forum for discussion of military issues and ideas. RUSI-VI was established in Victoria, BC in 1927. The Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia is our Honourary Patron.

Who is RUSI-VI?

Retired and serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces, the RCMP, other police forces, and civilian ladies and gentlemen. We invite membership applications from serving and retired military and police members, and from civilians interested in defense and security matters.

Security, Defence and Related Issues

We keep members abreast of national security, defence and related issues through a series of monthly luncheon meetings and a quarterly newsletter. Occasionally members write Opinion Pieces which we publish in the newsletter and on our website.

Monthly Luncheons

Our monthly luncheons, held on the second Wednesday of each month from September to May at the Bay Street Armoury in Victoria, feature speakers on defence and security topics, and provide opportunities for old military comrades and new friends to socialize. Members’ guests, and potential new members are always welcome.