GREYHOUND Movie Production with Gord Laco (RCN Ret’d) Naval Technical Consultant

NAC-VI and RUSI-VI members hosted this Zoom presentation on Wed April 14th at 1:00 PM (PST) with Gord Laco (a former RCN reserve Public Affairs Officer). Gord was the technical consultant regarding naval tactics and techniques for the film. The webinar covers Gord’s experiences as the technical advisor for the recent Tom Hanks’ movie Greyhound (based on the C.S. Forester novel- The Good Shepherd) set during the Battle of the Atlantic. Fellow NAC-VI and RUSI-VI member, Paul Seguna, is the Host.

The presentation will show the extensive technical efforts that went into the creation of a very accurate depiction of conditions in the film’s setting during the Battle of the Atlantic. Gord’s personal efforts also ensured that an accurate RCN presence was included in the movie. He includes interesting anecdotes of working with the production crew and actors as well. Gord is passionate about naval history as his long list of screen credits attests.  

Watch the Greyhound movie trailer on YouTube

Watch the final battle scene of Greyhound also on YouTube

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