From the RUSI-VI online Zoom session held Wednesday, 2 December, 2020 1 to 2:30 PM

MGen St-Louis provided some UNCLASSIFIED background slides (.PDF 3.5MB) you may want to review before watching the webinar video.

MGen St-Louis was commander, JTF–IMPACT from May 2019 to April 2020. He was subsequently then commander, TF-CENTRAL from April to June 2020.

Op IMPACT is Canada’s training and capacity building mission in the Middle East. It helps set the conditions for the long-term success of regional partners by enabling their security forces to more effectively plan and execute military operations aimed at degrading and defeating violent extremist groups, like Daesh, and improving security and stability in the region. JTF-IMPACT focuses, through the employment of Canadian Special Forces instructors, on mentorship and training with an overarching goal to enhance capabilities, capacities and competencies of partnered nations with an emphasis on commanders, leaders and instructors.

TF-CENTRAL operates under Op FOUNDATION, the CAF’s contribution to counter-terrorism in collaboration with the US and other countries. The TF also includes staff officers and other personnel deployed in Qatar, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi (U.A.E).

MGen St-Louis will speak on his experiences while working across an AOR covering several countries, generating positive results for Canada’s partners and allies. He will discuss building capacity in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, dealing with the regional spike in tensions in early 2020, adapting to the COVID-19 reality and contributing to operations in the Persian Gulf.

MGen St-Louis is currently commander, Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre (CADTC) in Kingston, formerly known as LFDTS, since July 2020.

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