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RUSI-VI Newsletter Volume 53, No. 4 – Fourth Quarter 2021

RUSI-VI Newsletter Volume 53, No. 4 – Fouth Quarter 2021 is available in portable document format (.PDF)

  • President’s Message
  • Canadian Armed Forces Air Support to B.C. Wildfire Situation
  • RCN: Your Navy today Monthly Update
  • Tokyo ties Japan’s Security to Stability in Taiwan Strait
  • You Thought This Was Just About Afghanistan? Think Again
  • We All Lost Afghanistan
  • US to Share Military’s Secret Data with Allies
  • Why Does Canada Need an Indo-Pacific Strategy as Part of Its Foreign Policy?
  • Russia’s 2021 National Security Strategy: Cool Change Forecasted for the Polar Regions
  • Navy’s Top Admiral Defends Ship Cuts in Proposed 2022 Budget, Explains Strategy
  • Interesting Articles
  • Interesting Articles