RUSI-VI Newsletter, Vol. 55, September 2023

RUSI-VI Newsletter Volume 55, No. 3 – Third Quarter 2023 is available in portable document format (.PDF)

  • President’s Message
  • Editor’s Comment
  • How do Canadians view the military? Most see it as ‘old and antiquated,’ poll finds
  • The Next Big Space Business: Satellite Pictures of Other Satellites
  • NATO’s Interests in a Stable Indo-Pacific
  • Damage to HMCS Winnipeg Limits Warship’s Operations
  • US ‘Ready to fight in space if we have to’, Says Military Official
  • The Lessons of New Zealand’s China diplomacy
  • How to End a War: Some Historical Lessons for Ukraine
  • With Canadians struggling financially, Trudeau can safely ignore calls for more military spending
  • The Sir Percey Lake Distinguished Service Award
  • The Spitfire Luck of Skeets Ogilvie: From the Battle of Britain to the Great Escape
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