RUSI-VI Newsletter Volume 46, No. 2 – Second Quarter 2014

RUSI-VI_Newsletter Volume 46, No. 2 – Second Quarter 2014 available in Portable Document Format (.PDF)

  • National Day of Honour Celebrated Across Canada
  • Armed Forces Considers Incentives to Keep Soldiers Fit
  • From the President of RUSI-VI
  • Follow-up to Alan MacLeod’s Presentation on War Memorials
  • Legacy and Relevance For Canadian Youth
  • UN Report on the human rights situation in Ukraine 15 May 2014
  • UN Experts Meet To Discuss “Killer Robots”
  • Report on the UN Conference to Govern Use of Killer Robots
  • RCMP Conducts Search Warrants as Part of a
  • Terrorist Financing Investigation
  • RCAF Cormorant flies over Peru
  • Last Post
  • Changes to RUSI-VI Newsletter Distribution
  • Viking’s Twin Otter Series 400 Aircraft Sales Continue in South East Asia
  • Mark Your Calendar
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