RUSI-VI managed to secure a tour of the latest addition to the RCN, the very modern Interim AOR, MV ASTERIX. This ship is currently the most important ship in the Navy, as it is the only ship with strategic impact, allowing the Navy to sail anywhere in the world without having to rely on foreign AORs. It fills the gap for the Navy until the acceptance of the two JSS ships (completion 2021/2022). This was a rare opportunity, as ASTERIX may not be on the West Coast again for up to a year.

A picture of the side of MV ASTERIX alongside in Victoria, British Columbia.
Ship’s name MV ASTERIX painted small where the RCN hull number would usually go.
View along the wharf where MV ASTERIX is tied up alongside in Victoria, British Columbia.
MV ASTERIX alongside in Victoria, BC.
Because ASTERIX is not a commissioned RCN ship, i.e., not H.M.C.S., the ship flies this flag, the Naval Auxiliary Jack of Canada.
small picture of a BIG helo deck
this small picture doesn’t do justice to the two helo hangar bays
RUSI-VI Members on tour of MV ASTERIX

Here is some B-roll footage of HMCS VANCOUVER doing replenishment-at-sea from MV ASTERIX on Exercise RIMPAC 2018. Canadian Armed Forces video by Imagery Technician Sgt Devin Vandesype (Found on a page hosted on DVIDS.) The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.

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