Membership in our Institute accords visiting access to other Institutes in Canada and the United Kingdom. Some Institutes operate their own club including dining and/or accommodation facilities. Accreditation enquiries should be addressed to the RUSI VI President email, or by standard mail to the address found on the Board of Directors page.

There is no argument that members of the Royal United Services Institute of Vancouver Island, like to: meet old friends, listen to interesting speakers, and reminisce by sharing a few old stories.

However, there is a deeper purpose for this Institute: members support the enhancement and maintenance of:

  • effective national security and national defence policies by the government; and
  • capable Canadian Armed Forces with adequate troops, training and equipment.

Members also foster a link between the public and the Armed Forces so that the roles and needs for adequate Armed Forces can be better understood by all Canadians. The Institute supports Canadian youth in their interest in the Canadian Forces through prizes, bursaries and grants to officer cadets and students of military and strategic studies at university and to the many Cadet Corps located on Vancouver Island.

Annual membership dues are: Single membership is $40.00 and Family membership (for 2) is $50.00. Application forms for membership are available from the Institute’s office or can be downloaded in MS-Word format or Adobe Acrobat .PDF format. Please feel free to e-mail or write to the Institute for more information.