In Our Youth

The Lives, Adventures, and Sacrifices of Early Canadian Flyers – Angus Scully

In Our Youth explores the lives of 32 young Canadian flyers, viewed through the medium of archival photography. All these young men were pilots in the First World War, a time when flying was adventure and pure danger. Some were from humble origins, some from elite families, some became heroes, but most faded from our attention. However, all embraced the romance of flight and the danger of war.

Angus Scully is a writer, editor, historian, and retired educator who taught history in Ontario for thirty years. He is the author or co-author of fifteen Canadian history textbooks for elementary and high school, including Canada Today, now in its fourth edition, with more than 100,000 copies sold. He is also co-author of Juno Beach: Canada in World War II. He is a Board Director and the editor of the Vancouver Island Military Museum (VIMM) newsletter. It was his work at VIMM that led him to discover Osborne Orr, featured in this book, which led to a serious interest in Canadian flyers of the First World War.

Angus Scully presented “In Our Youth” to the RUSI-VI luncheon on Wednesday, October 11, 2023. The Question and Answer (Q&A) portion has been uploaded separately.

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