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RUSI-VI Newsletter Volume 53, No. 2 – Second Quarter 2021

RUSI-VI Newsletter Volume 53, No. 2 – Second Quarter 2021 available in Portable Document Format (.PDF)

  • President’s Message
  • Defense Primer: The United States Space Force
  • Space Force Personnel to be Called Guardians
  • It Will be at Least a Decade Before Canada Sees Any of its New Frigates
  • DND Unable to Say Exactly When Delays in $70-Billion Warship Program Began
  • Canadian Military Short Thousands of Troops COVID-19 Impedes Recruit Training
  • Will the Indo-Pacific Become the New Battleground for US and China-Led Alliances?
  • The China-India Border Dispute: Its Origins and Impact
  • The Post-Pandemic International Order
  • Eyck Freymann: Why Conventional Wisdom on China’s Belt & Road is Wrong
  • It’s a Landmark Day for Nuclear Disarmament, but an Awkward One for the Federal Government
  • New Details Emerge in the Case for the First Canadian Victoria Cross
  • The Early Days of RUSI-VI?