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RUSI-VI Newsletter Volume 53, No. 3 – Third Quarter 2021

RUSI-VI Newsletter Volume 53, No. 3 – Third Quarter 2021 available in Portable Document Format (.PDF)

  • President’s Message
  • US Air Force’s biggest planes need to do more than carry things in the next war, air-mobility general says
  • Trial Haida Gwaii Voluntary Protection Zone for Shipping Reporting Changes
  • The French Armed Forces Are Planning for High Intensity War
  • Russian-Turkish Relations and their Implications for the West
  • Beijing has a Navy It Doesn’t Even Admit Exists, Experts Say and it’s Swarming Parts of the South China Sea
  • China Tries to Wear Down its Neighbors with Pressure Tactics
  • Security Affairs Committee of RUSI NS – Synopsis
  • March 24: Letter from the Acting Chief of the Defence Staff (A/CDS)
  • Are We REALLY Seeing the End of Global Islamist Terrorism?
  • Highway H20 Remains an Indispensable Pathway for Global Shipping
  • Interesting Articles