Military Oral History Essays 2019

These essays were written by University of Victoria students taking history courses where part of the curriculum is to interview veterans and record their personal stories and experience in an oral history essay. Copies of the essays are stored in the Special Collections section of the UVic Library.

Canadian Police in the Balkans: the United Nations, Trust, Adaptation and Success
by Peter Russ
History 426 Dr. Timothy Balzer
28 March 2019

Canada’s Invisible Cold War Pilots: An Examination of Three CF-104 Pilots and Their Operations in 1 Canadian Air Group
by Sarah Lindquist
History 426 Dr. Timothy Balzer
2 April 2019

An Assessment of the Relationship Between Canadian Diplomats and the Military
by Harry McGuire
History 426 Dr. Timothy Balzer
17 April 2019