Oral History AGM report 2011

Members learned about this year’s program at the February luncheon when Dr. Jim Wood introduced the 10 students enrolled this semester. The value of the program remains evident with the high calibre of the students and the fact that there is a waiting list.

Over the past 6 years, some 63 students have now participated in this course and have recorded the personal histories of well over 120 veterans.

The students have always been most appreciative and enthusiastic to have the opportunity to meet veterans from all three Services, through the interviews and as our guests at the annual lunch with RUSI members.

The success of the program, of course very much depends on the willingness of RUSI members, as well as some non-RUSI members, to meet with the students and share their stories and personal experiences. I would very much like to thank the many people who do volunteer their time in this way.

To ensure that good topics are selected and suitable matches for interviews are made, the program is ably assisted by the 3 Service coordinators –Gary Del Villano, Lorne Holland and Wilf Lund. John Neroutsos has also been very helpful this year in his guidance on the Air Force Reserve topic.

Finally, as noted in the budget statement, the Institute continues to award an annual grant of $1000 to the University to ensure that the required materials – such as 6 new voice recording devices this year – are available for the students.

And to advance further the Institute’s objectives of the Program, the Board of Directors also agreed to award a small grant to the BC Regiment’s Museum Society to assist them in a Military History Studies Conference to be held in Vancouver this spring.