Oral History AGM Report 2014

Report to AGM — 12 March 2014 on the RUSI-UVIC Military Oral History Program

Current Status

Over the last couple of years, members have been kept informed at meetings and via the newsletter about the problematic financial future of the course.  While the university and RUSI both remain very committed to continuing this project, the university’s severe funding cuts have resulted in it offering the course only every other year.  RUSI would be required to fund the program the alternate years, at a cost of about $6,600.

Under this new arrangement, RUSI conducted a successful appeal in 2012 and due to generous contributions from several RUSI members and outside associations, was able to fund the Jan 2013 course. This year’s course, funded by the university, had 5 students enrolled, and some 15 veterans interviewed on a variety of air force, navy and army topics.  This continues to be a very successful outreach program to the public and in direct support of our organization’s objectives.

Future Options

Over the past year, your Board of Directors has been discussing various options for the future, including the possibility of establishing a legacy through a specific “MOH Endowment Fund” at the university.  Such an endowment would call on our reserves, with implications that need to be deliberated carefully.  However, it is hoped that over the coming months, a proposal will be made to the membership on the principle of establishing a RUSI legacy, and the form that such a legacy might take in assisting this decade-old partnership between RUSI and the University of Victoria.

Submitted by
Paula Skippon
Director, MOH Program