RUSI-VI Newsletter Volume 51, No. 3 – Third Quarter 2019

RUSI-VI Newsletter Volume 51, No. 3 – Third Quarter 2019 available in Portable Document Format (.PDF)

  • The Chinese Navy’s Marine Corps – Part 2: Chain-of-Command Reforms and Evolving Training
  • No Grunts Under 26, $250K Bonuses: DoD’s Most Radical Ideas to Transform the Infantry
  • Historical Support for China’s South China Sea Territorial Stance
  • China’s National Defense in the New Era
  • Time for a New Direction in Canada’s China Strategy: Report from MacDonald Laurier Institute
  • The Foreign Terrorist Fighter Repatriation Challenge: The View from Canada
  • The Kashmir Crisis Spotlights What A Civilizational World Looks Like – Analysis
  • Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missiles Are a Terrible Idea. Russia’s Test Explosion Shows Why
  • Russia’s Defense Industry in Increasing Disarray as More Plants Set to Close
  • The Russian Sale of S-400 Missiles to Turkey May Change Power Equilibrium in the Middle East
  • Putin’s Fancy Weapons? Everything Old Is New Again
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